The KORE Pricing Manifesto

Our pricing philosophy and approach, explained.

How We Price

We believe that billing by the hour makes it impossible to truly become part of your team and work with you in a collaborative way. That’s why, rather than being billed by the hour for the tasks we complete, we provide you with a fixed price that’s based on the deliverables you can expect and the access you have to our team. We never want you to be in a position where you’re reluctant to ask a question because you know you’ll be billed in 15 minute increments, and you shouldn’t ever have to wonder if a task “really took as long as they said it did”. Regardless of how long it takes us to do something, how long we spend on a call with you, or how many times we have to get in touch with Intuit support to resolve an issue, you are able to confidently budget the same amount for your accounting services month after month.

How Your Price is Determined

The needs of your business are as unique as you are, which is why we can’t simply give you a price without “looking under the hood”. In the same way that a mechanic can’t give you an accurate quote for a repair until they take a good look at your car, the only way we can provide a fair price that we can stand by is to get a thorough understanding of where your accounting is when you come to us and where you’d ideally like it to be. That’s why the first step in our process is always to conduct a Financial Health Assessment of your firm – in addition to the valuable insight you’ll get about the state of your accounting, the FHA gives us the knowledge we need to provide you with a price that allows us to deliver the service you expect.

What if the scope changes?

We believe that your bill should never surprise you, which is why your price will NEVER change without us agreeing to the terms ahead of time. We understand that scope changes and things come up which is why we have a strict Change Order Policy – you can be sure that any adjustments or updates to your invoice are discussed and agreed to ahead of time, enabling you to continue budgeting and planning effectively.

Re-Evaluating as Your Needs Evolve

As your business grows and evolves over time, your accounting needs will change to reflect that growth. While some variability is definitely built into the price we initially provide, there comes a point where, in order for us to continue supporting your increased accounting needs, our price needs to be adjusted. At minimum, we’ll review your price on an annual basis to make sure that it still fairly and accurately reflects the scope of our engagement, and if not, we’ll work with you to update the terms.

Can’t I get bookkeeping services done cheaper?

More than just doing your monthly compliance bookkeeping, we work with you as a member of your team. We proactively provide guidance, suggestions, and observations, and we’re also available to you as a resource when you have questions or are looking for advice. Our services are done 100% in the United States rather than being outsourced, and we are experts in accounting for small law firms as well as the various systems they use. We are confident that our price reflects the value, quality of work, experience, and expertise you get when we work together, but we also recognize that we’re not the right fit for all small businesses.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

We take pride in our work and the services we provide, and we are confident that the results will meet or exceed your expectations, which is why all of our services include our KORE Satisfaction Guarantee – if you are dissatisfied with the quality of our work, we will do everything we can to make it right, or we will refund you for the service delivered below your satisfaction.

Next Steps

To talk more about our pricing philosophy, accounting, or to schedule a Financial Health Assessment, you can reach a member of the KORE Team by emailing [email protected] or calling us at (480) 818.KORE (5673). We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

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